My name is Inês, and in September of 2016, I started my studies in Marketing at the Manchester Metropolitan University. I began to be very interested in Market Research, Data analysis and Consumer behaviour (within, I particularly enjoy the focus of this subjects on Tourism).
Moreover, I am also interested in topics such as Consumerism, Minimalism and how Marketing can be seen as an antagonist. Nowadays, one of the world issues is that we consume MORE, buy MORE and waste MORE. Many times it’s a process influenced by the media, making us want to buy 99,9% of the times unnecessary things.
This is a subject I’m eager to look into as a way to better understand how can I as a future marketer, be capable of changing this perception, this is, change a ”persuasive marketing” to an ”educated marketing”.
#WhyAPortfolio- I found it would be very helpful to have a digital platform where I could collect and share my projects or reading lists as a way to expand my knowledge and keep a track of them.
(Also, you can see some of my interests such as Drawing, Writing or Amateur photography in the ”About me” tab.     +   in the Culture For Life section, you can read some of my reflections on different subjects that vary from movies, books, to TED Talks I watch)
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Age: 20 years old
Original from Setúbal, Portugal <> now living, studying (and hopefully working) in Manchester.
+ Interests: music (Brazilian, classical, 80’s and others); drawing/arts/designs/different concepts (e.g: @amin__ramzi); reading; cinema; chess; sustainability; swimming; walking; travel; photography; writing, conspiracy theories or simply sleep.

Feel free to comment or share your thoughts!
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